The Lucky Checkout​ Club is the smartest and most rewarding way to shop online

The Lucky Checkout Club is the world's first and only customer loyalty and reward scheme designed around huge monthly cash prizes, which are awarded to members who automatically collect "checkout points" simply by shopping at their favourite online retailers. We created the Lucky Checkout Club because we were tired of cashback sites making big promises of large rewards which never quite materialised, either because the fees were too high, it was too complicated to collect or because the cashback amounts were too small to be exciting. Instead, we wanted a scheme where points were accrued automatically and where the reward was both exciting and transparent.

What excited us was a brilliant concept that turned traditional referral models on their head. What if consumers could be rewarded for doing what they were going to do anyway? What if the reward for referrals was accrued in a prize pool and then paid out as huge monthly prizes rather than tiny cashback amounts that too often were barely worth redeeming anyway? What if savvy consumers received points automatically for their own informed shopping decisions? What if the scheme was a genuine partnership between us, the retailer and the consumer? The idea of a site that offered rewards to consumers shopping at the site's retailer partners was not new. However never before had the reward been quite so exciting or enticing.

The Lucky Checkout model works for both the retailer and consumer, that's why we call it a club. It enables the retailer to reach a large base of motivated and savvy shoppers, shoppers who remain loyal because they're excited about the cash prize that could soon be theirs. Yet at the same time it offers consumers the opportunity to win cash prizes simply for shopping at the right places, prizes that will sometimes be life-changing but will pretty much always exceed the amount they spent on their original purchases by a significant amount.

At its heart, the Lucky Checkout Club is an online shopping community that welcomes retailers covering all retail sectors, so if you can think of any great online retailers that aren't yet a member of the club, why not let us know and we'll contact them for you. Or better still, why not contact them yourself and tell them that you wish they were a member of the Lucky Checkout Club.